Having experienced two very significant life events in the last 2 years I was apprehensive and nervous about seeking counselling support.

My biggest challenge was stepping outside my comfort zone and making contact with Dr Anna Abramowski. From the very first telephone call I felt reassured I was doing the right thing. I felt at last I was able to speak to someone and address my issues.

I have received tremendous support and guidance throughout my course of therapy, at times it was challenging but I was reassured throughout and at no time did I feel I was on this journey alone.

I took advantage of the additional reading resource Dr Abramowski recommended and this has been extremely helpful.

I have learnt so much about myself, theories and techniques have been introduced to me, which will give me the confidence and self-esteem to go forward and rebuild my life. I cannot thank Dr Abramowski enough for all the caring support she has given me.

Client referred for bereavement support and relationship difficulties

Thank you Dr Abramowski for your support during this last year. You were very kind, supportive and helpful

Couple referred for relationship difficulties

Been a great supportive help! Thank you so much for helping me build a better relationship with anxiety and to grow as a person. Making me see things in a more positive way.

Client referred for anxiety and low self-worth

It has helped me to me more aware of my thoughts and common thoughts cycles and instead of seeing a certain way and not knowing why. Therapy has helped me to question my thoughts and consider if I am engaging in any thinking errors

Client referred for social anxiety

North London Psychologists Clinic helped me through one of the hardest periods of my life. I would recommend them to anyone.

Client referred for depression and relationship difficulties

Dr Abramowski helped me through a difficult time in my pain journey but I have learnt some good techniques and how the body/mind work which will help me in the future. I would highly recommend therapy with Dr Abramowski for chronic pain injuries

Client referred for chronic pain and generalised anxiety disorder

I felt very comfortable with Dr Abramowski. I was very open and honest and I have never felt like that with any professional before. I have taken on board her thoughts and views and I highly respect her.

Client referred for social anxiety following an RTA

Things have been going well for me over the last few months and I am still very grateful for all of your support and guidance. I know I wouldn’t have got to this point without you and our sessions together.

For years now I felt that this big change would never come, that I’d never be strong enough or brave enough to take a leap of faith. This is something I never thought would happen and that a few months ago didn’t seem an option other than the road I was headed down. I owe this all to you, so again, thank you so much.

Client referred for depression

Working with Dr Abramowski has been a pleasure. Her kind and affable demeanour allowed me to speak openly about my anxieties without fear like I had never done before. I owe much of my development to her guidance and experience and I’m forever grateful for everything she has taught me.

Client referred for difficulties with procrastination, perfectionism and generalised anxiety disorder

Making my first appointment with Dr Abramowski took me a very long time. I doubted the process and what I would achieve with it. I was in a very bad mental state where I did not recognize myself and had convinced myself that this was the ‘new me’.

After just two sessions, I began to trust Dr Abramowski and believe that I could make the changes I needed for myself.

Dr Abramowski worked with me, at my pace, to unravel the deep-rooted issues I had developed and embedded in my personality. She assured me at all times that I had a choice in whether to continue with the sessions and spent time building the trust in our professional relationship.

Dr Abramowski has helped me to recognize the toxic behaviour I have endured in my past and to accept that I deserve better. She has also equipped me with various tools to recognize when my behaviour is reverting back to a damaging state of mind and to maintain a positive mind frame.

With Dr Abramowski’s help, I have produced a vision of what I want my future to look like and I’ve set the process in motion to achieving these goals. Something I would have never dreamt of being possible, just six months ago.

Client referred for depression and trauma

Dr Abramowski has a calm and informed approach, making one quickly feel at ease. She strikes a good balance between guided and open-ended sessions and adapts the approach throughout the process. I have learned things about myself I had previously never considered and she has helped me to better understand what my concerns, as well as my core values and strengths are and where they originate. This in turn has helped me address issues in my life and has helped me find new directions for developing myself further.

Client referred for difficulties with procrastination and perfectionism

Dr Abramowski was very professional, accommodating and very helpful in dealing with the issues I had. I feel very confident looking forward to the future and using the tools and techniques she suggested. I would have great confidence in recommending her for therapeutic goals both personally and as a health care professional.

Client referred for post-bariatric psychological therapy

Dr Abramowski was a delight to meet and take advice/instruction from. I was so impressed by how much she remembered about me from previous sessions. Would highly recommend her’

Client referred for postmenopausal anxiety

Dr Abramowski is delightful to deal with. She really listened to me and I felt heard.

Client referred following a post-concussion syndrome

I would recommend CBT therapy via this Clinic and Dr Abramowski, after having just completed a course of therapy myself. Although not a 'cure' of course from anxiety and depression, it has left me with new ways of thinking about/approaching/managing personally challenging situations that may trigger a dip in my mood or an episode of anxiety.

Client referred for generalised anxiety disorder

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